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TräJewel Svartkniven 8,5 cm TräJewel Svartkniven 8,5 cm
WoodJewel Svampkniv Classic WoodJewel Svampkniv Classic
WoodJewel Ripa Brukskniv WoodJewel Ripa Brukskniv
WoodJewel Rainbow 7,7cm WoodJewel Rainbow 7,7cm
WoodJewel Zebra 7,7cm WoodJewel Zebra 7,7cm
WoodJewel Lillen 5,7 cm WoodJewel Lillen 5,7 cm
WoodJewel Lapplandskniven 7,7cm WoodJewel Lapplandskniven 7,7cm
WoodJewel Huggarkombon WoodJewel Huggarkombon
WoodJewel Hornkniven WoodJewel Hornkniven
Rosakniven Rosakniven


499 kr
WoodJewel Dubbelkniven WoodJewel Dubbelkniven
WoodJewel 7,7cm Älg WoodJewel 7,7cm Älg
Jämthundskniven Jämthundskniven
Finnspets-kniven Finnspets-kniven